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Domba Tribal / Pirate’s Booty Belts
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Pirate’s Booty Belts


Arrrgh, our Pirate’s Booty belts come to us from scavengers on the High Seas! Various styles based on what hidden treasures our pirate ships have come across. Please message for availability and pricing as they vary!

All are “one-size” and tie on in the front or include a button (which can be moved to suit your size) on the cord.

Pendant: black cord strung with 3 jewelry pendants and filled with coins and bells. Black ties with moveable buttons.

Double Coin: black cord strung with 2 layers of coin pendants. Top layer are decorated coins and the bottom layer all come with bells attached for a little bit-o-noise. Black ties with movable buttons.

Embroidered: Beautifully hand-embroidered wide belt base with 3 attached pendants and a multitude of coins in between. Various color choices – please email us for color selection or choose a color in your order message. Black cord ties for an easy fit on most hips.

Drape Back: Beautifully looped chain and bells or coins, attached to an embroidered waistband that perfectly accentuates your perfect derriere!

Tassel: Perfect for your Tribal or Gypsy costume, these beautifully hand-embroidered belts come on a red base decorated with embroidery, buttons, metal findings and a lovely array of multi-colored tassels to match every costume! These are the bomb! Black cord ties for an easy fit on most hips.

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