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Heidi Alexander

The first instructor of Tribal Style Bellydance in the Phoenix area, Heidi Alexander has been teaching, performing, designing costumes and training dancers in the art of Bellydance since 1990. Her unique style combines elements of American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Cabaret and African dance, creating a high-energy blend of Bellydance that exudes pure joy.

Highly sought-after as an instructor and performer, Heidi has been sponsored for workshops all over the United States, including Rakkasah, TribalFest, TribalQuest NorthWest, Spirit of the Tribes and more. Internationally, she has brought her unique style of Tribal Bellydance to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan and Spain.

Her troupe Domba! was awarded the prestigious “Troupe of the Year” Award from Zaghareet Magazine in 2006. In that same year, Heidi disbanded Domba and sold her studio, in order to have more time with her family.

Heidi’s Tribal Style Costumes inspired by the earthy elements of Renaissance Faires and Tribal Dance. She began her Tribal Costume career at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, with her dance partner and fellow costume designer, Jennifer Giacomelli (Jenabah of Tree of Life Studio in Chelsea, Michigan). After opening her own studio, Jennifer stepped out of the Renaissance Faire circuit, while Heidi chose to expand into more shows.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Heidi opened the Valley’s first Tribal Bellydance Studio in 2002, featuring top-notch instructors and performers, and creating a tight-knit community of dancers. This community aspect of the dance continues to evolve and grow among the local performers and musicians, creating a legacy of a support and working together to further the love of the dance. Domba! and Arizona are internationally recognized as creating one of the most loving and connected communities in Tribal Bellydance.

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