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Domba Tribal / Classic Circle Skirt

Classic Circle Skirt


Made of heavenly light crushed satin, the classic circle skirt never goes out of style and has a myriad of ways it can be worn.

All photos show 2 skirts layered on top of each other for the double-color effect, or a skirt layered over harem pants.

Our skirts are a full circle of fabric, cut on the bias, with side slits at the front legs, creating a full 3/4 circle back panel and smaller 1/4 circle front panel. Wear them down, tucked at the hip, side or back, or even tied at the bottom to look like harem pants – experiment and see what you like best! With all the ways to wear them, you’ll never feel like you’re wearing the same skirt twice.

Wear them with bare legs for a sexy look, or over full harem pants for a more covered look. We prefer to double them up for more color and tucking options (if you want to wear two skirts but still cover your legs, you can put the bottom skirt on backwards, so that the “full” part of the skirt covers your legs, when the top skirt (which is put on normally) shifts open for a lovely peek-a-boo effect with your skirt colors).

Elastic waist is easily adjustable and fits nearly all hip sizes and comes in three lengths. Please contact us if you need custom sizing. These can be hand-washed, or washed on delicate, lay flat to dry.

Comes in two lengths: short (up to 5’6” or 5’7″), medium (5’8″ and up).

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Burgundy, Red, Coral, Copper, Gold, Forest Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Dark Teal, Bright Turquoise, Light Aqua, Midnight Blue, Ocean Blue, Plum, Royal Purple, Mermaid, Lavender, Silver, White, Black